Automotivepro is the brand and a powerful service provider. We are a developer and manu- facturer of cleaning and care products for the automotive market. Our goal is to demonstrate our special qualities and high values to other businesses. Our corporate philosophy is based on a passion for our product, combined with our Swiss quality awareness.

Quality is fundamental. The process, as well as its continuous development, based on the latest technologies and possibilities of our time, is the key to success. Many years of experience and good practice at all stages of quality assurance allow us to meet the high standards and requirements of our customers. We have expertise in focusing on details while keeping the bigger picture in mind. We offer complete solutions in the form of services, training and care products, all individually tailored. Our solutions work like a Swiss watch because they are perfectly matched and manufactured from a single source. Automotivepro customers appreciate our comprehensive expertise.

Through both our strong commitment to innovation and our constant exchange of information with leading companies from the automotive industry, we have created a synergy between research and the direct use of products and services. This approach allows us to customize the technology market. This enables us to offer our clients early and direct access to groundbreaking innovations. A parti- cular concern of our Automotivepro Academy is the transfer of knowledge. By using Automotivepro products and optimizing workflow in related companies, we ensure a significant contribution to the increased value of the services in the automotive sector.

Partnership is one of our most important energy sources for success. We not only maintain but also constantly expand our national and international network. This investment in partnerships allows
us to constantly expand our product and service range, keeping us a step ahead in the market. We actively promote the development of our employees, by taking over responsibility for the environ- ment and our descendants. Together with our employees we define and update the goals and development of our company. The personal strengths and commitment of our employees are at
the forefront. The constant self-analysis of our highly motivated employees is our basic building
block for tomorrow.


Photos reflect the milestones of our success. They create unforgettable moments and let them appear in a new light. These photos are beautiful memories that live on and accompany us through our lives.


Our videos signify dynamism and inexhaustible fascination of experiences that we encountered throughout life. Be inspired by the experiences of our company.


The Automotivepro Shop is a internet purchasing platform for buying of automotivpro car care products, trainings, workshops and seminars.