Trainings for car detailing companies

We live in the information age, all the knowledge and expertise is regularly available. It is only a question of who will implement it first. When preparing a vehicle you have the following objectives:

  • Presenting the car to a prospective client in the best possible condition
  • Selling the vehicle profitably
  • Providing restitution to the lessor without nasty surprises
  • Bringing all the joy, value preservation, prestige and fun of a clean vehicle

Again and again reality shows that the importance of vehicle finishing is extremely underestimated, and the profession of vehicle finishing is too little respected. The prices for this service are smashed. The price-performance ratio is unrealistic, and proper payment and leisure time remain a mere wish for many. Also, there are too many products and suppliers. Vehicle finishing has become a trendy profession; unfortunately, this trend has nothing to do anymore with genuine service, high standards and quality.

Train your staff! Get inspired by the Automotivepro Academy with its practical training based on our experience. Give yourself and your employees further training for:

  • More success and joy in business
  • Higher quality through reliable processes
  • An improved reputation for your company
  • More employees
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Book the best training or help us to create modules tailored to your company. Take advantage of our expertise, products and useful tools.


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