Seminars for paint and restoration companies

In the areas of body construction, restoration and paint work, sharp deadlines are an everyday occurrence. Often, little time remains for finishing work, meaning that paint quality is frequently poor or even inadequate. Therefore, Automotivepro has developed and tested sanding and polishing techniques so that high-quality finish work can be done quickly.

  • Sanding in a way so that the polishing work is a piece of cake

  • Polishing so no holograms to arise
  • Running the finish-work in a way for no micro-scratches to arise

Differentiate yourself by your high quality and you will beat your competitors.
Book the best training or help us create an on-site training module tailored to your company’s needs:

  • Polishing the sanded area with the latest technology

  • Sanding and polishing the transitions without tearing edge and generating of heat
  • Applying new light technology in polishing and sanding
  • Effectively eliminating the paint mist with polish

An ideal varnish has no scratches, no holograms and a protection that feels soft and comfortable. Benefit from our know-how, products and useful tools.


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