Product Development  & Manufacturing

Only measurable results and the exemplary use of our own products deliver convincing evidence of a top quality product. Today, with more and more care products flooding the market, it is easy to lose track. Almost everyone has had negative experiences with other products. After a first unsatisfactory application, the products went into the garage or the basement before disposing of them in the hazardous waste. It is the same in the service sector. If you are a car finisher, varnisher of a car dealer. After many years of disappointment trying new products, one grows tired and suspicious towards new products.

Automotivepro develops, tests and enhances our products because we know the industry. Out of this a range of products emerged, which meets daily challenges while being user-oriented. We aspire to create a really effective product, shown by its application.

The comprehensive product range is put together as follows:

  • Cleaning products for paint, wheels and engine
  • Special cleaner for removing rust, tar, insects and residue of glue
  • Cleaners for upholstery, plastics, leather, alcantara fabrics
  • Maintenance products for plastic and leather
  • Maintenance products for tires and rubber parts
  • Polishes and polishing sponges
  • PTFE-lacquer finish
  • Paint sealers
  • Paint coating


Photos reflect the milestones of our success. They create unforgettable moments and let them appear in a new light. These photos are beautiful memories that live on and accompany us through our lives.


Our videos signify dynamism and inexhaustible fascination of experiences that we encountered throughout life. Be inspired by the experiences of our company.


The Automotivepro Shop is a internet purchasing platform for buying of automotivpro car care products, trainings, workshops and seminars.