Car detailing services

Many people buy their vehicles out of passion, fascination, enthusiasm or simply for practi- cal reasons. It’s a very pleasant feeling to look at a clean, beautifully shiny car and know we can, through proper finishing and care, protect it permanently.

Many try to do their own polishing. This makes the surface thinner. Constant waxing does not pro-
vide optimal and adequate protection. Interior cleaning calls for expertise in dealing with detergents
and surfaces. This work is associated with a high expenditure of time and can be inconvenient. Auto- motivepro offers the following services for private customers:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of everyday vehicles
  • Car detailing before sale

  • High-quality interior cleaning
  • Leather care and impregnation
  • Upholstery, carpet and floor mats cleaning
  • Paint polishing and Teflon seal

  • Removing the scratches from the topcoat
  • Smart Repair and partial refinishing

Benefit from our expertise. Let your car appear in an entirely new light. Personal advice, as well as the preparation of your vehicle, unique service and long-term care, makes the heart of any auto- mobile enthusiast beat faster.

For motorists, who want to get their own hands dirty by doing their own maintenance, Automotivepro offers cleaning and maintenance products in our web shop.
 Automotivepro Swiss quality products are waiting for you at: or


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