Automotivepro Beauty-Days

The Beauty Events of Automotivepro are very popular. We invite you to take part in our Beauty Day Events. Here you can find information about the many applications of our innovative care care products and learn all about Automotivepro services. We orginize our Beauty Day Events with our business partners such as: classic car clubs, car dealers, tuning companies, etc.

Proper car washing is a science in itself. However, you do not have to reinvent it. You can benefit from our experience in this field by relying on our tried and tested products from Automotivepro.

  • Proper washing and seals, without spending money on expensive waxes 

  • Remove insects without scratching the paint

  • Rim- and tire cleaning care like a pro

  • A quick and efficient interior cleaning with pleasant fragrances
Clean discs, cleaned without stripes

Book a training workshop, privately or for a group of enthusiasts. Help us to create modules tailored for your Auto Club. Make your car into something, everybody will look at. Enjoy the sight of a well- maintained vehicles. You can purchase our training, workshops and products on the internet.

You can find more videos on our  YouTube Channel.